For whom is Qredits?

For whom is Qredits?

Qredits is there for every starting or existing entrepreneur in Aruba. Our solutions are aimed at setting up a new business, but also towards the development of existing companies.

Target audience

Qredits has a wide target group. More and more entrepreneurs on Aruba have no or inadequate access to business financing and / or affordable mentoring. It does not matter if you are young or old, male or female, with benefit eligibility or paid employment, a freelancer, starter or an existing entrepreneur.

The products provided by Qredits are directed toward (aspiring) entrepreneurs who need assistance in starting or continuing their business, and who have no access to the mainstream financial circuit or are not able to receive support at a commercial rate. Regardless of age, background or employment history. These are people who:

  • have a well-researched business plan and funding need;
  • have a potentially viable idea, which with the necessary support, can be converted into a complete business plan;
  • do not have sufficient entrepreneurial skills and do wish to develop this with provided support;
  • need mentoring at the start or at continuation of their business.

Core Values Qredits


Qredits believes that working together will lead to success. We are building an active network of companies, NGOs and volunteers. We encourage our customers to build their own networks. And we connect entrepreneurs with our partners.


At Qredits the entrepreneur and his or her plan are our central focus. We are personally involved with our clients. We visit the customer's home and together we look at the plans and possibilities. We think along, keep in touch and we are flexible.


Qredits wants to make a contribution to society. Our goal is to make entrepreneurship accessible. In addition, we are a non-profit foundation. Qredits wants to help people realize their passion and if needed give them a second chance.


Qredits focuses on entrepreneurs with realistic business plans or who are pursuing this. We are level-headed and professional. The service is aimed at the survival of the entrepreneur. We have a workable business model that relies on the success of our customers.

For whom is Qredits?