Appointment with the business advisor

Appointment with the business advisor

After receiving the credit application, the business advisor will assess the file content. When the business advisor sees sufficient opportunities in your credit application, he will contact you to make an appointment. It is also possible for the business advisor to still ask for additional information.

Within 10 working days, the business advisor will contact you. If an appointment is scheduled, the business advisor will come to your home or company for an extensive interview. Are you married or living together, then it is important that your partner be present during this visit.

The interview

During the screening interview your personal background and your plans will be extensively scrutinized. He will not only look at figures; also your motivation to start a business and your entrepreneurial skills are discussed. The business advisor will, together with you look at the feasibility, the local market conditions and the branch of industry. Maybe the advisor will ask you to explain or disclose certain issues. For that reason, always keep your personal administration at hand. In addition, the Advisor will ask you to identify yourself and to provide a copy of your ID. This is for the purpose of establishing your identity and to verify your signature later on during the application process.


The business advisor can give you an indication what your chances are on the loan to be provided. Should the opinion of the expert advisor be negative, he will inform you of this within 1 week. Even when there is a positive outcome, the loan is not finally approved yet. The last assessment will be carried out by a Qredits risk manager. He will base his assessment on the screening report of the business advisor. The screening - up to and including the review by the risk manager- shall take about 1 to 2 weeks.

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Appointment with the business advisor