The Qredits risk manager shall assess the credit application and the screening report drawn up by the business advisor.

As an additional check the risk manager will scrutinize the following matters one more time:

  • the personal situation;
  • the description of the activities of the business, the market and the competition;
  • the substantiating of the credit need;
  • verification of the present contracts, such as lease contract and suborder contracts, yet also outstanding loans or other types of financial contracts;
  • the feasibility of the budget to be realized;
  • the total financial private situation, including possible debts;
  • establish the caveat, such as inspection of rental/lease contracts, employer’s statement from partner and possibly a guarantee or deposit.

Approval and caveat

The assessment of the risk manager follows generally within 3 working days upon receipt of the screening report drawn up by the business advisor. The risk manager ultimately determines whether the loan is approved and under what limitation.

Once approved, the file is forwarded to the credit administration, where the credit documents are drawn up.

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