Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Is collateral to obtain a loan necessary?

    No, in many case no collateral is required to qualify for a loan at Qredits. In certain situations it may happen that the business advisor may deem it necessary.

  • Will Qredits take over existing business loans?

    No, the loans Qredits provides, serve mainly for investments in business activities.

  • How do I qualify for a loan?

    If you have a need for financing up to Afl. 100.000 you could qualify for a loan from Qredits, provided the (possibly) present existing loans are not too high.

    The documents you need depend on whether you're starting a business or you already have a business that you want to expand.

    View the checklist for starting entrepreneurs or the checklist for existing entrepreneurs for a Microcredit here.

  • My Limited Company could also apply for a Qredits loan?

    We also accept credit applications for a Limited Liability Company. In such case we require a full or partial private guarantee, depending on the requested credit amount and the situation of the Director and any shareholder (s).

  • Which sectors are excluded from credit applications?

    Applications that fall under the following sectors will not be taken into consideration by Qredits.

    - Sex-related businesses and any associated businesses in the erotic sector

    - Coffee shops

    - Money Exchange and / or pawnshops

    - Drug-related businesses

    - Arms Trade

    - Trading companies in import operations and export transactions to politically and economically unstable countries.

  • I need more than Afl. 100.000. Can I apply for a Qredits loan?

    If your need for credit is greater than Afl. 100.000, it's important that you have the loan amount you need extra first settled through- for example- a bank.

    The total credit need of the enterprise may not exceed Afl. 100.000, this is including the financing of Qredits and the total financing from a bank.

  • Is a business plan required to apply for a starter loan?

    Yes, for a starting entrepreneur having a good business plan is essential in the assessment process of your application. Qredits provides several tools to write a business plan. In this way, you can use the free business plan template.  You can get started with our e-learning How to write a business plan as well. If you wish to get personal help with writing a business plan, our mentors can certainly help you.

  • What is the maximum term for a loan?

    The maximum duration of a Microcredit is 10 years. Qredits advises to keep the duration as short as possible. The Qredits business advisor will discuss this with you.

  • What legal forms will qualify for a Qredits business loan?

    Applications from companies being; a legal sole proprietorship, commercial or limited partnerships (VOF / CV) or limited liability company (N.V.) may be considered by Qredits.

  • How is the repayment term of my loan determined?

    The repayment period is determined based on your personal situation. So this is fully tailor-made. Often the repayment term is equal to the economic life of the asset.

  • I am active abroad. Will my company still qualify for a loan?

    You are eligible for a loan when the greater part of the operations takes place on Aruba.

  • The monthly collection of interest and / or redemption failed, now what

    You can transfer the amount. The IBAN number that you use for manual payment is NL75RABO0125571704 in the name of Qredits.  Always state your customer number when carrying out manual payments!

  • Can I apply for a Qredits loan in the form of a current account?

    No, Qredits only provides business loans up to Afl. 100,000.

  • Can I redeem a loan within one year as well?

    Additional redemption or repayment of a Microcredit within the first year is possible under certain conditions. These conditions are found in Section 6 of the General Terms and Credit Conditions Microcredit.

  • How soon can I dispose over the loan?

    Qredits tries to provide clarity within 14 days after the conversation with a business advisor. Upon approval the necessary documents are prepared and sent. Upon receipt of the signed documents, the loan will be transferred to your business account within 5 working days.

  • Do I still qualify for a Qredits loan without equity (money and/or goods)?

    Yes, in principle there is no equity required to qualify for a loan from Qredits.

  • My company has been around for several years, can I still get a loan from Qredits?

    Yes, Qredits provides business loans to new and existing entrepreneurs with a maximum of Afl. 100.000.

  • Does Qredits require a deposit?

    Qredits as a rule does not require a deposit. Depending on the overall risk assessment of the business, the entrepreneur may be asked for a possible guarantor for the loan. In general, a security deposit increases the prospect of obtaining the financing.

  • How does Qredits handle a combined financing?

    In the case of a combined financing, it is imperative for Qredits to have the bank loan approved first. Subsequently you could apply for a loan at Qredits. The requested bank loan may not be much higher than Afl. 100.000.

  • Do you always obtain a mentor when you get a Qredits loan?

    Mentoring is strongly advised when taking out a loan. The objective of the business mentor is to help you make your enterprise successful.

  • Is it necessary to have proprietorship?

    No, this is not necessarily required, but it is subject to your business plan and investment budget. We will review each application as to what extent the overall risk may deem it acceptable to provide the loan without ownership. Proprietorship does increase your overall chances to obtain a loan.

  • Can I redeem my starter or business loan in advance without penalty?

    In case of Microcredit after the first year you have the possibility to annually redeem 10% of the principal penalty free. Additional or ful repayment at one time is also possible under certain conditions.  These conditions are stated in Section 6 of the General Terms and Credit Conditions Microcredit.

  • Do you always get a mentor when you receive a loan from Qredits?

    Mentoring is strongly advised when taking out a loan. The purpose of the business mentor is to help you to make a success of your business.

  • Why does Qredits provide mentoring and guidance to entrepreneurs?

    Mentoring entrepreneurs is, in addition to the provision of Microcredits, an important part of the service of Qredits. Through the commitment of the mentors, entrepreneurs receive personal attention and guidance to increase the success rate of their business.

  • When can I get a mentor from Qredits?

    Qredits offers mentors to new and existing entrepreneurs who have received a Qredits loan.

  • Can I get a mentor if I have not received a Microcredit from Qredits?

    No, only businesses that apply for microcredit or have been provided for loan from Qredits are entitled to a personal mentor.

  • What can a Qredits mentor do for me?

    Our mentors voluntarily share their knowledge, experience and network. Through practical advice they help entrepreneurs grow their business.

  • Who are the mentors of Qredits?

    The mentors at Qredits are successful (former) - entrepreneurs and professionals from various industries and organizations. All our mentors have an affinity with entrepreneurship and want to voluntarily use their knowledge and experience to help you continue with the issues you do not immediately have an answer to.

  • What does Qredits mentoring look like?

    The mentoring session starts with an interview where you come to an agreement with the mentor about the frequency and nature of the mentoring sessions and who will take the initiative in these matters.  At the same time, the objective of the mentoring sessions will be laid down in writing (when are the sessions considered successful). To complete the process an evaluation will determine whether the objective has been achieved. Also your experiences as an entrepreneur with the mentor will be discussed. The mentoring process has a duration of twelve months and includes at least twelve interviews.

  • Where can I lodge a complaint about my mentoring?

    If you're dissatisfied with your mentoring, you can report this to the Qredits Mentoring Department by filling out a complaints form.

  • Which terms and conditions are applicable?

    Our general conditions are applicable to all Qredits purchases.

  • Is it possible to first have an interview with a Qredits mentor?

    No, unfortunately it is not possible to meet with a Qredits mentor prior to the mentoring sessions.

    Qredits takes great care and pay keen attention to the selection and quality of the mentors. We ask the mentors to submit a clear and complete mentor profile so that you can make a good choice when selecting a mentor.

    The process is designed in such a way that you can select a mentor on your own. Practice shows that because you select your own mentor, there are hardly any miss-matches between entrepreneurs and mentors. If there is still no click with the mentor then you can contact the Mentoring department via email, You will receive one opportunity only to choose another mentor from the Mentoring Pool.

  • Can I extend my mentoring?

    When the period of the mentoring has expired, it is possible to extend your mentoring process with your current mentor. Please contact your business advisor.

  • I have not received an answer to my question, what now?

    If your question is not in the list with FAQ, please contact the Qredits office in Aruba. You can also send an email to

  • Is a business plan deemed necessary to apply for a starters loan?

    Yes, for a start-up company a good business plan is deemed essential when assessing your application. Qredits provides several tools to write a business plan. In this manner you can use the free business plan template.  You can also get started with our e-learning Write a Business Plan template.

  • What is the business plan template?

    The business plan template was developed by financial Qredits experts. By completing this plan, you get a good idea of ​​what you want as an entrepreneur, how to go about it and what you will need to accomplish this. It contains all the necessary elements you need for a complete business plan.

    The business plan can be used for yourself, for your potential business partner (s) and of course to apply for a loan at Qredits.

  • What is the e-learning How to write a Business Plan?

    The e-learning How to write a Business Plan is an online learning method where in six chapters, you write your own business plan. This is done through examples, videos, experiences of other entrepreneurs and assignments. The chapters are based on Qredits Business Plan template.

    Writing a business plan can be an uphill struggle. The e-learning makes writing such a plan simple and lively. Unique is that at completion of the e-learning you will have a concrete business plan that you can use right away for yourself, for your potential business partner(s) and of course before applying for a loan at Qredits.

  • What technical specifications should my computer have for an e-learning course?

    E-learning works in your internet browser. You will need an up-to-date version of e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome.  E-learning can be completed online only so an internet connection is required. We recommend that you disable any pop-up blocker when using the e-learning.

  • What software is required to implement the e-learning?

    You need a good Internet connection and an up-to-date web browser. At the end of the e-learning you will download your own business plan (a *.docx file) and financial plan (a .xlsx file) which are downloadable in most office programs. Note: Numbers in an Apple system cannot operate the financial plan in Excel; in this case, we recommend using an online program such as Google Spreadsheet.

  • Can I execute the e-learning program on different computers, or only from the same one?

    With your log-in details you can log-in from up to three different computers. Please note: After the three times are used your account will be blocked.

  • How long can I use the e-learning?

    The login information for the e-learning remains valid for 3 months. The e-learning How to write a Business Plan has a duration of about 16 hours. Once you have completed the e-learning, you can download your business plan in a WORD file. You can keep this on your computer and adjust it at any time. Therefore you do not need e-learning.

  • Can I extend the validity date of the e-learning?

    The e-learning can be extended for free only once.

  • Are the data that I enter during the e-learning secured?

    Yes. The information you fill in is sent through a secured connection and it will not be shared with third parties.

  • How does Qredits deal with the privacy of my entries?

    Obviously your privacy is important to Qredits. We will not use your information for commercial purposes without your permission.

  • How much time will this e-learning take?

    Writing a good business plan does take quite some time. For best results you will need an average of 16 hours.

  • Do I need to complete the entire e-learning in one shot?

    You can interrupt the e-learning as often as you desire to continue at a later time. Data already entered will be saved.

  • Is the sequence of the e-learning modules fixed?

    No. You can choose which sections (modules) of the business plan you would like to perform in what sequence and when. The sequence of the chapters in the e-learning program is the most logical.

  • Where can I file a complaint about the e-learning program?

    If you are dissatisfied with the e-learning, you can submit a complaint through our website.

  • Do I have my complete business plan upon completion of the e-learning program?

    Yes, after completing the e-learning you have a complete and well-presented business plan. With this you can start your business well-prepared.

  • How do I download my business plan from the e-learning program?

    After completing the entire e-learning with all data duly entered, it is possible to download your own business plan. This plan can be saved as a Word file and be adapted later on.

  • Is there also a financial plan with the business plan?

    Upon completion of the e-learning program you will create a financial plan for your company as well. This financial plan, separate from your business plan, can be downloaded as an Excel file.

  • Do I have to complete the entire e-learning program before I can obtain a business plan?

    In order to obtain a complete business plan you will have to fill out all the fields. However, you will be able to download, save or print (an incomplete version of) the plan in between.

  • Can I present this business plan to any bank for a loan?

    The business plan that you create with this e-learning program can be accepted by any bank. This does not mean that you will actually get a loan. Each bank will decide in this matter in conformance with their rules and regulations. However, all essential topics of a business plan are included in the e-learning program. 

  • How do I get an account?

    Qredits provides vouchers with which you can log into the e-learning program. 

  • When will I need personal mentoring?

    The e-learning has been especially designed to perfectly guide you to independently write your own business plan. Should you, however, not manage to do this on your own, then personal guidance in the form of a private mentor might be something for you. Click here for our mentoring options.

  • I have not received an answer to my question. What to do now?

    Please complete our contact form with your inquiry and we will promptly contact you. 

Frequently Asked Questions